“America’s Wild Grape”, also known as a super food for its antioxidant and resveratrol components, muscadines
have a unique and robust flavor and its popularity is growing exponentially across the U.S.
Both red and white Muscadine wines are medium-bodied and have a medium-high acidity. On the palate,
the wines range from dry to sweet. Fruit is the dominant flavor in both white and red Muscadine wines.
Whites are known for their intense bouquet of ripe banana, apple, subtle notes of lime, honeydew melon,
and peony (for whites). Reds, on the other hand, have a strong taste of strawberries and cranberries. Best
served chilled.

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Dreams mixed with passion, dedication and hard work can become a reality. This is Walkers Mill. Our dream is to make the finest muscadine wine possible. Enjoy this smooth fruity red wine chilled with barbecue, spicy foods, beef, or lamb for an exciting pairing of sweet and savory.

Carpe Diem! —The Strahan Family

Country Lane

It is never the wrong thing to do the right thing—even when it is hard. This is Walkers Mill. We are driven to provide the highest quality wine to celebrate life’s little victories. Enjoy this crisp dry white wine with grilled poultry, pasta, fish, cheese, and bread.

Carpe Diem! –The Strahan Family

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Success is not due to the quantity of time put into the work, but rather the quality of the time spent. This is Walkers Mill. It is our family’s passion to provide the ideal wine to celebrate life’s successes. Enjoy this sweet blush wine with seafood, pasta, or spicy dishes.

Carpe Diem! —The Strahan Family


Success does not come by accident—it is the product of hard work, passion, and perseverance. This is Walkers Mill. We love what we do and that shows in our wines. Enjoy this smooth fruity semi-sweet red with a wide variety of cuisine, from picnic fare to holiday feasts.

Carpe Diem! —The Strahan Family

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Sweet Bai

There is no magic that turns dreams into reality. It takes dedication, hard work and a commitment to excellence. This is Walkers Mill. We work to grow and produce the finest muscadine wine. Enjoy this sweet white wine with meat & cheese platters, pasta with creamy sauces, and finger foods.

Carpe Diem! —The Strahan Family

Barn Find

Excellence is a way of life. The result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution, and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities. This is Walkers Mill. Enjoy this sweet, smooth, elegant finish, and intense floral bouquet wine, chilled with your favorite dish for a memorable experience.

Carpe Diem! —The Strahan Family

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