La Femme at Walkers Mill Logo

Walkers Mill Vineyard & Winery
Saturday, November 19th,  12 – 8 pm

La Femme is an opportunity to:

  • grab some friends
  • shop local for trends
  • sip some wine
  • have a great time…

Vendor’s Application

Included in the advertising for this event is a vendor's feature each day leading up to the event. Please include a brief bio and a picture of you (at the very least your logo) to have your business in the spotlight one day.

The following booth spaces are availble for rental. Please select which ones you are interested in as well as if you would like exclusivity in your business speciality. i.e. If you select all 3 booth types and the first floor is sold out we will still offer you upstairs or outside. If you only select Inside 1st floor and we sell out on it, we will not offer you an alternative.

Please note: Booth spaces are reserved when you receive confirmation of acceptance and all fees are paid. An email with this information will be sent to you after application approval.

Vendor's Responsibilities

  • Tablecloth for the table (note other furniture required if outside booth).
  • Backdrop to delineate booths.
  • Trash clean up after the event.
  • Help to spread the word!  Like WMVW Facebook & Follow WMVW Instagram page, Like, Share, and help promote the WMVW page with the event. Actively promote the event on the day that we highlight your business on our pages. The more who know about this the more will come shop!
  • Your booth MUST be set up by 11:30am on Saturday and remain until 8 pm Saturday.
  • Unload and Load as quickly as possible then park in the vendor parking area.  Set up your booth after moving your vehicle.
  • No vehicles in barn and tasting room area during Event hours.  Patrons will be walking between buildings.
  • Food Vendors – Please have the appropriate health permit(s) required from HARRISON County and State health departments. It is not the responsibility of WMVW.
  • Check-In at the designated table before unloading. 
  • Have someone at your booth at all times during the event both days.  
  • Grounds will be open at 8:00 am Saturday morning for set up. Do not dismantle until after 8:00 pm Saturday.  We will advertise that you will be there these hours and we want shoppers to have the shopping experience they came for! 
  • You are fully responsible for the safety and security of your merchandise while on the premises.
  • Please ensure you have the internet connectivity you need to take payments. Currently, no WiFi available for vendors.

Cancellations/Refunds: No Refunds issued for cancellations.  

Release Form

I, the undersigned, agree to the information and Vendor's Responsabilities stated above. Vendors assumes entire responsibility and liability for losses, damages, and claims arising out of injury to persons or damage to displays, equipment, merchandise brought upon Walkers Mill premises. Vendor agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Walkers Mill Vineyard & Winery and its owners, staff, or representatives during operation, set up, or dismantling of this event. I hereby authorize Walkers Mill Vineyard & Winery and/or its representatives to use information and images provided by me in this application for the purpose of promoting my participation in the La Femme '22 event.

Please note that this application form is lengthy. Allow 10+ mins to complete (PC recommended). We strongly suggest that you read the entire form before completing it to ensure you have the necessary information and images. Only jpg, jpeg, gif & png file types are accepted.

Pre-application questions can be sent to Wendy Newman on 903-660-7836 or email

This is an Application for booth space at La Femme ’22. You will be notified of acceptance and/or if more info is needed.

After hitting the SEND button please allow time for your images to upload. You will be taken to a Thank You page once your application has been successfully submitted.