Charitable Donation Requests at Walkers Mill

Charitable Donation Requests at Walkers Mill. 

At Walkers Mill, we are committed to supporting our local community and organizations through charitable donations. While we are happy to consider all requests for donations, please note that we have specific guidelines in place to ensure alcohol beverage responsibility, as well as fairness and transparency in our donation process. 

Guidelines for Charitable Donation Requests: 

  1. No Wine Donations: Walkers Mill does not donate wine or any other alcoholic beverage for any charitable events or causes. 

  1. Gift Cards for Services: We will gladly consider donating gift cards for services provided by Walkers Mill, such as catering, event planning, Bed and Breakfast accommodation, or any other use of our facilities. These donations will be granted at the discretion of the owners, based on availability and other factors. 

  1. Use of The Event Center: Requests for the use of our Event Center for charitable events, community events or other events will also be considered. However, the final decision to grant free use of the space will be made by the owners and will depend on the availability of the venue, the nature of the event, and other factors. 

  2. Cleaning Fee: If we do grant free use of the Event Center, a cleaning fee of $200 will be charged to cover the cost of utilities, materials, as well as cleaning, re-setting and preparing the space for future events. 

  3. Timelines: Requests for charitable donations should be made at least 30 days prior to the event. This will allow us sufficient time to consider the request and make a decision. 

  4. Contact Information: All donation requests should be submitted in writing to the following address: or  Requests should include the name of the organization, a brief description of the event or cause, and contact information for the person making the request. 

Thank you for considering Walkers Mill for your charitable event. We look forward to supporting our local community in any way we can.