Owners – Art & Adriana Strahan

Walkers Mill Vineyard & Winery is the realization of a dream of owners Art & Adriana Strahan.

Resting on the rolling wooded 95-acre of the Lane Ranch, in northwestern Harrison County, the vineyard and surrounding grounds are being slowly and carefully developed with the couple’s signature – love & grace.

The main house is built in a Louisiana plantation-style with a large wrap-around porch. As a retirement plan, the couple started developing their property and, quickly, it began to transform the house and surroundings into an even grander memory-making place.

In 2015, the Strahan’s oldest daughter expressed the desire of getting married under the branches of the Oak Tree and have the reception in “the barn” that was just a drawing at the time. After months of planning and preparation, in 2016, the dream started becoming reality. The first muscadine vines were planted and, like the vines that elegantly trail and climb in growth, Walkers Mill Vineyard & Winery is growing from dream to reality. It was from that point that the family began welcoming others to share in the Mill’s natural beauty.

The vineyard area is currently being expanded with construction underway to add to the beauty and charm of this very special place.

What sets this vineyard apart is the love and intent behind its development. The Strahan’s faith is an integral part of everything that they do and that is evident as you walk among the vines.

“It’s beautiful to see the rich symbolism of the vines and the vineyard, which brings to mind how this simple plant became one of the most clear and powerful analogies of God’s love that we know,” Art shares, referring to John 15:5. The newest addition at Walkers Mill Venue are nature trails through the vineyard and forest, carefully prepared to encourage people to walk and explore, stop and breathe, meditate and pray. Adriana says, “our vision for this place is for it to be more than just a place for people to visit, but rather a place to find peace and make memories.”


Realizing the abundant blessings of God all around us, we are committed to provide an unmatched personal experience and encourage all to rest, reflect, and recharge.



Carefully craft a unique and elegant personal experience for each customer and become the destination of choice for celebrating life events, both large and small.



Honor our history and build a legacy for our future.


Endeavor to provide the highest quality experience possible.


Cultivate a family-friendly atmosphere while remembering the importance of stewardship.